Timmy & Me

By: Anita Pinelli Phillips In 2009 I joined Facebook and shortly thereafter I came across a site called “Tiny Timmy”. When I read Timmy’s story, it touched my heart. You see I have had many kitties in my 66 years on this earth and each one was special in their own way. Timmy was special, more »

Chatting With The Doctor

By Diane Sowa Twenty five years ago my then husband and I purchased a home here on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. An incredibly beautiful place full of trees, lakes, blue water and history. Almost across from our new house was another very old house. It has been preserved for people to come and view more »


By: Amanda Berthiaume The reason why i picked my backyard because it is where i spend most of my time when i am outside. It is like my sanctuary i can be by myself or with my parents. I thought putting the stones next to the flowers because i had fun planting them and i more »

Honouring Timmy in the shaky city

By: Lauren Woolgar It was a beautiful autumnal evening and me and my husband drove our way up to Buckleys bay scenic reserve near Rapanui Bush, nestled in the port hills that overlook Christchurch city we went there to release Timmy’s ashes and place the Timmy stones. I found out about Timmy’s story when I more »