The ripples spread through the window.

By: Mike Bagby What Tiny Timmy meant to me. I’m not sure what it was that got my attention when I first read about Tiny Timmy, but his story definitely resonated with me some how then and continued to resonate with me through the years. I’d had cats before and put flea collars on them more »

Opposites attract

By: Thomas Tietze I’m Claudia’s brother, so I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Timmy personally. Timmy was , is, one-of-kind. He didn’t let anything stop him. I had the distinct impression that he never let himself feel “limited”, but then maybe that sentiment is more human than feline. We are not cat more »

Timmy’s Falls

By: Keith Weingardt DVM I met Timmy and Claudia after Timmy had been diagnosed with a very malignant form of lymphoma. When I learned of Timmy’s journey prior to making it to my office I was moved to tears. Not only was I affected by the heartlessness that created his initial medical issue, I was also more »

Northern most point of Norway

By: Linda Gardner I put Timmy’s stone here at the North Cape…the most northern point of Norway, overlooking a beautiful fjord. It was so peaceful here. We saw reindeer on our way up to the point! People from all over the world come here. The King and Queen of Norway were here….and the King of more »

Climbing steps

I took Timmy on a cruise up the coast of Norway. Here I took his picture and we climbed a total of 429 steps. I know Timmy is now healed and he wanted to climb all the way to the top! The view was breathtaking!

Timmy & Tuni Forever

By: Diane Boardman MacIntyre Timmy and Tuni Forever The Story of Internet Love Our relationship started back in 2009 or 10. Not sure since our original FB pages were changed due to FB rules. Kitties were not allowed to have FB pages.So my FB page became Diane Boardman MacIntyre. Let me back up a bit. more »

Timmy, Smokey and Rubii <3

By: Liz Hockey I’m known as ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’ amongst my friends, I’ve currently got my 2 girls, Molly (black) and Mona (black and white), (and Rubii… but I’ll get to her in a minute) who back in the day, along with their Angel brother Smokey, saved my life more times than I care more »