Shanon and Gianna remember Timmy 💖

By: Angela Pagliarini Greetings from Asbury Park…My daughter Shannon and daughter-in-law Gianna live in Asbury Park. Today they placed a Timmy Stone. They were also with me when I placed a stone in New Orleans. Timmy is everywhere. He has touched so many lives 💖…. and there’s the wave 🌊…

The “Timmy Stone”

By: Bluetiger Lozano Timmy ‘was’ a cat I first found out about and ‘met’ on Facebook over a year ago from reading his moving story and following his journey on his page. Timmy was a survivor, but those who survive, I believe, do so for a very meaningful reason, so that others can benefit from more »

Timmy in Granite City

By: Kitty Chrusciel I thought long and hard about where to place my Timmy Stone. The one I get to keep stays with me, always. I worry about rubbing the beautiful unicorn off. So, I’m going to get a little shadow box for it. For my “Timmy Was Here” stone, I knew I would place it more »

Tiny Timmy the Wave

By: Michelle Canzano I can’t remember how I first met Tiny Timmy. It may have been through one of my rescue friends here in the Seattle area. But through TT I was able to honor and remember TT with a fellow special needs rescuer and advocate and now life long friend. I first met TT’s more »

Timmy watches over Hobart

By: Jill Gluskie I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of the Timmy Stone’s Project. I had a location planned but I was waiting for the timing to be right. On Tuesday 31st May, the last day of Autumn I went to work as normal. The day had begun with our first heavy more »

Timmy’s Final Adventure

By: Mike Gardella Let me start by saying I wanted a place for Timmy’s ashes that was beautiful, peaceful and safe. I live in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, CA – low desert). I scouted around and decided Joshua Tree National Park (high desert) would be the best place for Timmy. It’s very peaceful and more »

On Top of the World

By: Paula Karalus How do you honor a little cat who has managed to make such an impact in his short time on earth? By making sure his story is told and heard. I don’t even recall how I got to first know of Timmy and his journey but once I found him I followed more »

Timmy comes to Reykjavik, Iceland

By: Bryndis Hulda Asgeirsdottir I have been following Timmy’s page for some years, grateful for the fact that we have never had to worry about the so called cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis ) as the only flea type that has been endemic in this country is a bird flea (Ceratophyllus gallinae). It can live for more »

Family Shared

By: Violetena Hastings and Cheyenne Krohn I was suppose to visit my ‘daughter and grandchildren’ this fall and our trip had to be delayed. I was going to place a Timmy stone at her house when I visited. Well, instead I mailed our 2nd Timmy stone to her! I added her to Timmy’s pages and more »