The Wave Goes On

By: Sharon R. and Felisha V. I don’t even know how to begin to tell Timmy’s story. It starts with complete heartbreak and a kitten so damaged by over the counter flea treatment chemicals that it was a miracle he survived at all. His adoption into a forever home of love which accepted his wobbliness more »


By: Clara Elton Sharp This is my Timmy Stone in my Memorial Rose garden for some of my doggies. He is placed next to the one for Buster Brown, a little JR-DOX I accidentally ran over with my car two years ago. He’s on a dragonfly wind chime. I have an affinity for dragonflies because more »

Timmy reaches the beach

By: Tom Hoffman A few years ago, I had returned to Philadelphia with my tail between my legs. Things were tough for awhile and it was very apparent my first Christmas back. I was truly alone and nobody had thought about me. That changed one afternoon with a simple post on social media. I have more »

Second Home

By: Tiffany Oliveras When I first heard about Timmy, I was saddened that a product that was supposed to help animals could do so much harm; that a company devoted to animals could allow this product to be sold. It became a personal undertaking of mine to educate and warn people away from these products more »

Alberta Bound

By: Crystal Sifton I first found Timmy on Facebook. I am a cat lady and made friends with many cat ladies all over the world. I quickly made friends with Claudia and her Timmy. I have known them a number of years. The cat people on Facebook have a special bond and somehow came to more »

Timmy Is In My Heart

By: Coertje Feil I first heard of Timmy, who was known as Tiny Timmy at the time, from a dear friend Shirley Ross.  Shirley and I were soul sisters having met on the internet in a music group, but soon finding that we had so many more things in common.  Some of those other things more »

Serenity By The Sea

By: Linda Fryer Gieringer I first learned of Timmy through Facebook as so many others have. When I read about what had happened to him I was shocked and appalled. I have always had dogs and/or cats and pets and used OTC flea products. I too mistakenly felt safe using them. I had never had any more »


By: Luann Lilley and Haylie Wetsten About 6 years ago I decided to get a Facebook account, my very first friend was a tiny kitten named Timmy. He was suffering badly from the effects of over the counter flea and tick products. His poor little body was covered in fleas even though he had been repeatedly more »


By: Denyse Romero Several years ago I stumbled upon an extraordinary story about a cat with an amazing will to live. I was captivated as I read Timmy’s story. A small kitty who had been over medicated with over the counter flea treatment and not expected to live and left with neurological damage. It all more »