By: Kathy Stevens I placed my stone that was sent by Karen in one of our local stores . The girls that I have gotten to know loved the story and was so touched by all the hard work and those that have done so much to tell the story . I left my copy more »

Timmy Greets Hampton Roads

By: Amanda Lambert I read Timmy’s story approximately 7 years ago, at a pretty low point in my life. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and the feeling that comes with living a life that doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. Then, I heard about Timmy. It made me smile to read his perception of more »

Among the big cats

By: Leslie Palleria Timmy always loved hearing about my travels to Philadelphia, pa. I always loved sharing the stories and photos. He especially loved hearing about the zoo and the big cats. He told me once he was a “complicated kitteh” as he loved seeing the photos, yet he loved seeing them free also. I more »

I am in the flight of each new butterfly

By: Leslie Palleria Butterflies are very fragile, gentle creatures. They come from a place of darkness and emerge as something beautiful. They only live for a short amount of time. They remind me of Timmy and when he was rescued from the “bad place.” Despite everything he soared. I thought it was only fitting to more »

I love you, Timmy

I often visit the Penn museum when traveling to Philadelphia. It a place which has rare artifacts from several cultures. I find the Egypt section most intriging. The Egyptian worshiped the cat. On the grounds lies several fountains and landscaped gardens. As I held his ashes, I asked Timmy where he would like to rest. more »

I think of Timmy every day

By: Leslie Palleria Timmy was one of my first friends on Facebook shortly after joining. I remember reading his story and feeling so bad for him and all he had been through. I became involved in the T.O.Y. project after first discovering him. I always smiled at his daily posts, Singy songs and photos. I more »