Tiny Timmy passed away on February 9, 2016 after a 67 day battle with an aggressive form of LGL Lymphoma.  Timmy was loved by and an inspiration for many who have shown an outpouring of love and who have honored Timmy’s life in their own ways.  There is one more project that I am pretty sure came from Timmy as we sat on the couch on his final day and I was pondering how to honor him, not just for me, but also all the hearts he touched globally.
I am pleased to announce that Elise Murphy and I have secured the domain name TimmysAshes.com today. I will take some small 1/4 dram bottles and put some of Timmy’s ashes into these bottles. I am not sure how many we will have because I, of course, don’t want to part with all of them and there won’t be a large amount to begin with. I want to send his ashes to different places across the globe where those who participate in this project will choose a spot to release them on the same day. A Timmy Stone that says “Timmy was here” will be placed as a marker where his ashes are spread. It can be a landmark, a sentimental place or a backyard. It doesn’t matter where so long as it is meaningful to you. I am asking anyone who wants to participate to commit to (1) spreading his ashes on the day we select; (2) writing a little story as to why they chose that place or the significance to them; (3) take at least one decent quality photo of the spot and; (4) reporting the location. We will then put the location on a global map, much like the Timmy Stones Global Map shows where Timmy Stones are located around the world. We will post the stories and photos on TimmysAshes.com. After everyone has spread his ashes, we are going to put all of this into a book for anyone to download who would like a copy. We are also asking for people to write a Timmy Story or what Timmy meant to them or how he has impacted your life. We need a minimum of 700 words for these stories. These will also be included in the book project and allows everyone who wants to be a part of this to do so even if there are not enough ashes for everyone. If you need help putting your feelings into pen and paper, let me know. I am sure we can partner you with someone who can frame your words the way you want them.
Timmy never just belonged to me. He belonged to everyone. I was just his nearest Sherpa. We had an incredibly deep and symbiotic, often intuitive, connection but he still never belonged to any one person. It’s only fitting he should be laid to rest all over the world. You have shared his ups and downs these past six years and made his healing possible in more ways than you will ever know. You are the Ripples. You are The Wave.
If you are interested in taking part in the Timmy’s Ashes Project I am not sure how we are going to choose or how many bottles we will be able to send out. We do want to cover as many countries as possible. To let us know if you are interested leave a comment with where you are in the world and stay posted. Follow through on this is very important. Consider it the same honor and obligation as being a pall bearer, bridesmaid or best man. Without everyone in sync the project won’t work.
Be well,
Claudia aka The Peep aka Under Secretary for Timmy Affairs aka The Sherpa

Timmy’s version of Namaste.