A place near the bridge

By: Pamela Hum

On April 27, 2016 around roughly 4pm EST our Dear Timmy’s Ashes were released by the stone bridge over Jackson Creek in Jackson Park in Peterborough Ontario Canada. @ Coordinates 44.312127,-78.340077

It was a sunny day here that day and even though the park is just a walk down the road my father drove me because Timmy loved car rides and I wanted to take him for one last ride. We managed to find a spot to park in the lower lot near the pagoda bridge. After a short walk with Timmy in my pocket I walked along with my father till I stopped when I came to the bridge. I knew it was the spot.

Jacksons Park has old growth forest and is a VERY large nature park where you could forget you’re in a city and not off somewhere in the country. I use to be brought as a child to ice skate on the pond. which mostly just turned into my father pulling me around in a sled on the pond. I remember being brought to the park since it wasn’t far from my school for field trips where we would wade in the creek and being about 7 years old and a cray fish touched my foot and I jumped out of my skin. There’s lots of memories of child hood in the park. Many crazy adventures, little camp fires and guitars in the night, and an epic tomato fight that won’t ever likely be forgotten by those who were there. This is a place where people walk, run and take their dogs all seasons of the year. A place where its peaceful, where birds and other animals come from all over the park to drink from the creek that runs through it and most of the city and out of the town.

Just over 5 years ago I came to know Timmy and his healing journey after a friend of mine emailed me to tell me his cat Otep had received severe chemical burns from a Hartz collar and required shaving to be treated. Fortunately, Otep fully recovered, where as our dear Timmy wasn’t as lucky. I can’t count the times I would stop people in a Walmart or other stores warning them about the products on the shelf that they were browsing if anything to save another cat from the potential injury or worse. Facebook reminded me of this memory a few days before I was to spread Timmy’s ashes and I felt it was odd that 5 years before I posted about it and then found myself sitting with Timmy’s vile on my shelf next to my own beloved cat Boo’s urn. I had always assumed products where safe and after that my education in products and feline health became almost an obsession. I am a more knowledgeable pet parent for it.

I feel for Timmy’s mother as we both lost our babies young and before their time. Mine passed from congestive heart failure. If I could have bared to spread my Boo’s ashes I would have picked the bridge in the park. That’s why I chose the park for Timmy. I would have wanted somewhere beautiful and peaceful for my own. So I gave Timmy to the world there. I’ll always think about him when I’m there, and I’ll always remember his message of unsafe products, his dirty flea soap, and his Nomz face.