Forever In Our Hearts

By: Arlene Kasten

I first came across Tiny Timmy’s page several years ago, and because of Timmy i learned how dangerous over the counter flea and tick products are, and being the “crazy cat lady” i am, i always made sure all my friends knew not to use these products.

I enjoyed following Timmy’s antics on his facebook page and was honored when I was also added to his personal page, I remember him saying, “Hai Miss Arlene! Welcomes! I had a few slots open so you gots one!”, being the popular kitty Timmy was, his friend page had been maxed out when i first sent my request. I loved his “Timmy speak”, always made me smile 🙂

I don’t always get to keep up with facebook as much as I’d like between dealing with my own kitty’s illnesses, work and life. But I remember last fall seeing Timmy post pictures of the Seattle waterfront and I work right there at the market.So I asked Timmy if he was here in Seattle and he said he had just left. We had planned on meeting on his next visit to Seattle since he lived only several hours away in Oregon, we even discussed doing something with the Timmy stones when he was here next time. Sadly that never happened as Timmy got sick and passed away not long after.

My heart was broken when I heard Timmy had passed, as if one of my own had, I think Timmy touched us all in such an incredible way. I had received an original “Paw Art” canvas by Timmy for donating to one of his auctions not long before he became sick which hangs in a special place in my apartment.

I was sincerely honored to help (and meet) Timmy’s mom Claudia, along with a wonderful group of ladies, to spend a day making some of Timmy’s ash stones, it was a fun and touching day, and I was super honored to be chosen to be an ash bearer for Timmy.

Timmy had not long ago proclaimed in his words, “Let it forever bes proclaimed & known dat your town is da coolest” So I chose the Seattle center international fountain because Timmy is everywhere, and I picked a small garden nearby to place his stone and ashes. I think Timmy would have loved that, and after placing his stone and ashes I noticed a rock carved with a Rumi quote nearby, “Out Beyond Ideas Of Wrongdoing And Rightdoing There Is A Field I’ll Meet You There….” just seemed so fitting to me for Timmy and Claudia.

Tiny Timmy Lipenda will live forever in my heart and the hearts of so many others, he is one of our Angels now, along with my five Kitty Angels, and those of many others, forever with us…<3