My Precious Timmy

By: Karma Hurworth

IMG_0676I first heard about Tiny Timmy on Facebook. His story touched me, because having been veterinary technician for many years, I had seen some of the devastating effects of over the counter flea control. I fell in love love with that adorable face instantly.From then on, I was addicted. I entered every contest, participated in auctions and donated to his acapooky and other appointments whenever I could. Then came the day of the best auction ever. One of the prizes was getting the privilege of being Tiny Timmy’s fairy God mother. I wanted it so badly, but alas, I was going to be out of town that day in a location with no internet service. Thanks to my friend Deb LaVoie, who bid for me, I won! I was so thrilled to get to spoil such a deserving boy.

I loved shopping for him and sending him packages. I kept in close contact with Claudia as to what treats he could have and good toys for him, and in turn, she would send me videos and pictures of him enjoying them. It is very difficult for me to go into the pet store anymore. I automatically start looking at things Timmy might like.

I bought paints and markers for stone painting and other projects and loved seeing them put to use. By far my favorite task was finding and meeting with a baker who designed and made Tiny Timmy cookies for an auction and to go to Washington DC. His handsomeness was expertly captured.

I loved his fighting spirit and how he defied so many odds. I try to live by his poem “Wid Mai Whole Heart”.

It seemed natural for me to be an ash bearer for him. I chose my beautiful place of work, Big Cat Rescue. I sprinkled them on the banks of our pond, across from the enclosure on Cameron the lion, and Zabu the white tiger. I placed a stone at the foot of a tree right next to them. I’ve included a picture of them looking on.

I wound up getting two sets of stones, so the second one got placed in the garden next to our Kitten Cabana. We have a domestic foster kitten program at the rescue and I named our 300th kitten after Timmy. It was fitting that I placed a stone where his namesake played. I’ve included a photo of our beach across from the Cabana, the place of weddings and other celebrations. That is also where I gathered sand to send back to Claudia.

I will never forget Tiny Timmy, and how that one small kitty created a wave. The paw prints he left in my life will remain in my heart forever.

IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0701 IMG_0703
IMG_0811 IMG_0817
This is Tiny Timmy, named after our boy!

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