Timmy Goes to Mexico!


When the great Timmy came to visit me in Mexico, (in a tiny glass vial smuggled through customs!) he brought some of his special Dirty Flea Soap with him. Funnily enough, I needed that soap not even two days after it arrived. After trekking through a bit of Cozumelian jungle in search of Mayan ruins, I discovered that one of my feet was covered in teeny, tiny little ticks. No need to worry, however! I unwrapped my brand-new, beautiful soap, then scrubbed and lathered them all down the shower drain. I’ve used it several times since then, after coming home from volunteer hours at the local Humane Society. What wonderful stuff 
Of course, I first met Tiny Timmy online, several years ago. It was right before one of my family’s cats died from the use of a strong dewormer. Timmy’s sweet little face, and his determination to be loving and adventurous despite his scary start in life made me smile – but his story also taught me not to trust any old product with a picture of kitties on it. Timmy’s presence in my online life, coupled with the death of our darling Thomas Orange Ball due to what was likely a too-large dose of ivermectin, were probably the most important events in my cat rescue career.
Timmy’s proud little self was – and still very much is! – a wonderful testament to animal rescue and the ongoing pursuit of veterinary knowledge. I share his story constantly, and in doing so have absolutely made a positive difference in the lives of cats in Canada and Mexico. If there is one thing people with cats need to know, it’s NEVER to pick up cheap “medicines” in an attempt to provide pet care! I may well have bought such products myself; fortunately, I met Tiny Timmy before that could happen.
As an immigrant to Mexico, I know how lucky I am to be able to afford top-quality veterinary care for not only my own three cats, (one Mexican, two Canadian) but to many of the animals I look after on my street. It has become more and more important to me, as a veterinary helper in the “Cat Room” at the Humane Society’s spay/neuter campaigns, to know all I can about responsible pet ownership. Tiny Timmy was the spokeskitty who woke my inner pet care activist, and helped set me on the path to changing countless kitty lives.
On a beautiful day in December of 2016, I set a little part of Timmy free into the Caribbean Sea. I imagine his happy, excited little face as he learns to climb the rocks on the beach, and watches the lizards and birds all around him. There are so many new smells to take in, and so many people to charm! I’m honoured to have been his companion during his time here in Mexico, and will be sure that our little part of the world remembers his courage, triumphs and multi-coloured toesies.
I love you Tiny Timmy!