Timmy’s Falls

By: Keith Weingardt DVM

I met Timmy and Claudia after Timmy had been diagnosed with a very malignant form of
lymphoma. When I learned of Timmy’s journey prior to making it to my office I was moved to
tears. Not only was I affected by the heartlessness that created his initial medical issue, I was
also touched by how Claudia’s sharing of Timmy’s story had initiated such change in the pet
loving community. I didn’t realize he was such a celebrity when we first met. I soon realized he
was famous after Claudia shared pictures of our appointment on Facebook and the number of
likes on our page jumped by 100.

The first time Timmy looked into my eyes I knew he was a very special soul. He made a
connection with me instantly and I could feel the depth of love and warmth emanating from
him. He was in pretty tough shape when I first met him. He was unable to hold food in his
mouth and eat, he was vomiting frequently and seemed frustrated with his situation. After
spending some time working on him and talking with Claudia, Timmy made it clear to me that
he wasn’t ready to leave just yet. We worked out a treatment plan involving homeopathy,
acupuncture and low level laser therapy. I was able to see Timmy weekly and feel like we were
able to give him some quality of life before the lymphoma took him from us. He started eating,
engaging more and seemed that his sense of well-being had returned. Despite the toll that this
devastating disease was having on his body his perseverance was amazing. He always greeted
me with his soulful, expressive eyes and was deeply grateful to his person Claudia and for my

I was honored to be asked to join in the Timmy’s Ashes Project. Timmy’s story touched
me deeply and I was very moved by the “wave” created by his story and Claudia’s Love. I felt
honored to have been able to help if but a short time in the twilight of his life. In my search for
the special place to spread Timmy’s ashes I thought of a lot of different options. I decided on
Ramona Falls nestled in the foothills of Mt Hood. Ramona Falls is a very special place which
feels energetically clean, fresh, vital and renewing. As I stood at the base of the falls, preparing
to spread Timmy’s ashes, I said a special prayer and called in Reiki energy. As I began to spread
his ashes, I realized that as he fell into the water at the base of the falls the ashes were just
beginning a journey. Similar to how Timmy’s story created a wave from a ripple, the ashes
were traveling on water from the glacier fed waterfall, through a beautiful forest cascading
down into several streams before emptying into the Sandy River which would eventually find
its’ way to the Ocean, to be reborn again.

Timmy, Claudia and the “wave” have inspired me as a practitioner and animal lover.
One small ripple can create such profound change – the world over. We just have to take the
initial plunge. Sometimes a little grey and white cat is all the inspiration we need.

Timmys Ashes Ramona Falls 1 Timmys Ashes Ramona Falls 2


  • Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh Reply

    So beautiful! Timmy was so special to so many around the world and that someone such as Dr Keith could see this in the same way we could is amazing. This brought me to tears. Thanks for taking such good care of him Dr Keith.

  • Kassie Reply

    This potinsg knocked my socks off

  • Deborah Darsie Reply

    Thanks so much for giving our beloved Timmy some extra time to finish whatever he needed to finish.
    He was such a treasure and your post just made me weep.

    I wish you were closer to me, I would love to introduce you to my tabby who lived with Timmy & Claudia for a bit until the timing was right for him to join me.

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