Timmy Goes to Mexico!

When the great Timmy came to visit me in Mexico, (in a tiny glass vial smuggled through customs!) he brought some of his special Dirty Flea Soap with him. Funnily enough, I needed that soap not even two days after it arrived. After trekking through a bit of Cozumelian jungle in search of Mayan ruins, more »

Not One More Like Him. Ever

By: Aundria Arlandson In 2009, I heard about a kitten called Timmy that was living with permanent damage from an over the counter flea and tick product manufactured by the same company as the powder that was draining the life of my sweet Oliver. After only moments, my bond with Timmys human, Claudia, was instant. more »


By: Kathy Stevens I placed my stone that was sent by Karen in one of our local stores . The girls that I have gotten to know loved the story and was so touched by all the hard work and those that have done so much to tell the story . I left my copy more »

Timmy Greets Hampton Roads

By: Amanda Lambert I read Timmy’s story approximately 7 years ago, at a pretty low point in my life. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and the feeling that comes with living a life that doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. Then, I heard about Timmy. It made me smile to read his perception of more »

Among the big cats

By: Leslie Palleria Timmy always loved hearing about my travels to Philadelphia, pa. I always loved sharing the stories and photos. He especially loved hearing about the zoo and the big cats. He told me once he was a “complicated kitteh” as he loved seeing the photos, yet he loved seeing them free also. I more »

I am in the flight of each new butterfly

By: Leslie Palleria Butterflies are very fragile, gentle creatures. They come from a place of darkness and emerge as something beautiful. They only live for a short amount of time. They remind me of Timmy and when he was rescued from the “bad place.” Despite everything he soared. I thought it was only fitting to more »