The “Timmy Stone”

By: Bluetiger Lozano Timmy ‘was’ a cat I first found out about and ‘met’ on Facebook over a year ago from reading his moving story and following his journey on his page. Timmy was a survivor, but those who survive, I believe, do so for a very meaningful reason, so that others can benefit from more »

Timmy in Daydream Plaza

By: Carly Jane Watts That was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Very mentally draining but I was lead to a beautiful area and the name of the road that ended at the beach was called Daydream Plaza. Very secluded and posh. It took me over an hour to find the right location. more »

Pictures of Cats

Big thank you to our friend, Elisa Black-Taylor, of Pictures of Cats who published this amazing tribute to all of Timmy’s accomplishments.  All of his ripples that made the waves.  Thank you, Elisa, for following Timmy for all of these years, for treasuring all that he had to give, and for spreading the word.  Your ripples will more »

Dash Kitten

Timmy Supporter Dash Kitten posted this heartfelt memorial for Timmy last month.  Dash Kitten, like all of us, hoped for a miracle in Timmy’s treatment.  While that miracle didn’t come, Timmy WAS a miracle all on his own.  He survived what thousands do not.  He thrived.  He spread the word.  He turned ripples into waves. more »

Find Your Inner Purr

Two years ago, our friends at Find Your Inner Purr published an article about Tiny Timmy and his fight against dangerous flea & tick products.  Last week they published a follow up on how to help honor Timmy’s final request of spreading his mission, and himself, to all parts of the globe!  NOMasDay!