By: Kathy Stevens I placed my stone that was sent by Karen in one of our local stores . The girls that I have gotten to know loved the story and was so touched by all the hard work and those that have done so much to tell the story . I left my copy more »

Timmy Greets Hampton Roads

By: Amanda Lambert I read Timmy’s story approximately 7 years ago, at a pretty low point in my life. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and the feeling that comes with living a life that doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. Then, I heard about Timmy. It made me smile to read his perception of more »

Timmy and CK: Precious Lives Connected

By: Clara Elton Sharp This adorable little duck found its way to Georgia Vet Rehab, in Marietta, GA. Dr. Evelyn Orenbuch, the owner and chief vet, and her amazing staff, made miraculous changes in my little CK’s life, extending the length of time, and giving him immeasurable quality of life. I first found out about more »