Placing My Timmy Stone.

By: Kathleen D Atkinson I have followed Timmy’s journey throughout the past several years and he earned my heart with his brave little soul. His courage, in part, gave me courage to adopt a kitty with deformed front paw that dangles at an odd angle from Alexandria, Egypt. No one knows how First injured his paw more »

Our,Timmy Tree & Stones

By: Auntie Judy Simon Unfortunately I was not able to participate in the Ashes project, but we did plant a tree for Timmy & placed Timmy Stones around the base. There is one Timmy Stone “Timmy Was Here” right in the middle. I miss Timmy every day. He & Claudia made such a huge impact more »


By: Amanda Berthiaume The reason why i picked my backyard because it is where i spend most of my time when i am outside. It is like my sanctuary i can be by myself or with my parents. I thought putting the stones next to the flowers because i had fun planting them and i more »