Timmy & Angel

By: Andrea Glick Finding a place to start about how I met Tiny Timmy is very hard! To be honest, I can’t really remember how I met him, it’s been so long. My theory is that I met him through my auction to save Angel, (Saving Angel on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheCatAngel). The page is now dedicated more »

Tiny Timmy lived what he believed

By: Kathleen Lechner I chose to place the “Timmy was here” stone at my Aunt Jean’s grave at St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery in Pascagoula, Mississippi (in the Gulf Coast/”The Deep South”). The cemetery is beautifully maintained, and it’s not unusual to see rabbits hopping all about the grounds! A river runs along the length of more »

Timmy’s Butterfly Kisses

By: Lisa Marlene Hughes Today, I did something very very very Special! I placed a Beautiful, Butterfly, Timmy Stone at the Henry Ford Estate, in Dearborn, Michigan as part of the Timmy’s Ashes Project. As many of us in the Kitty Community know, Timmy was an extra Special kitty that suffered from Neurological Disorders due more »

Shanon and Gianna remember Timmy 💖

By: Angela Pagliarini Greetings from Asbury Park…My daughter Shannon and daughter-in-law Gianna live in Asbury Park. Today they placed a Timmy Stone. They were also with me when I placed a stone in New Orleans. Timmy is everywhere. He has touched so many lives 💖…. and there’s the wave 🌊…

Timmy in Granite City

By: Kitty Chrusciel I thought long and hard about where to place my Timmy Stone. The one I get to keep stays with me, always. I worry about rubbing the beautiful unicorn off. So, I’m going to get a little shadow box for it. For my “Timmy Was Here” stone, I knew I would place it more »

Timmy watches over Hobart

By: Jill Gluskie I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of the Timmy Stone’s Project. I had a location planned but I was waiting for the timing to be right. On Tuesday 31st May, the last day of Autumn I went to work as normal. The day had begun with our first heavy more »

On Top of the World

By: Paula Karalus How do you honor a little cat who has managed to make such an impact in his short time on earth? By making sure his story is told and heard. I don’t even recall how I got to first know of Timmy and his journey but once I found him I followed more »

Timmy comes to Reykjavik, Iceland

By: Bryndis Hulda Asgeirsdottir I have been following Timmy’s page for some years, grateful for the fact that we have never had to worry about the so called cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis ) as the only flea type that has been endemic in this country is a bird flea (Ceratophyllus gallinae). It can live for more »

Family Shared

By: Violetena Hastings and Cheyenne Krohn I was suppose to visit my ‘daughter and grandchildren’ this fall and our trip had to be delayed. I was going to place a Timmy stone at her house when I visited. Well, instead I mailed our 2nd Timmy stone to her! I added her to Timmy’s pages and more »