Not One More Like Him. Ever

Share This: By: Aundria Arlandson In 2009, I heard about a kitten called Timmy that was living with permanent damage from an over the counter flea and tick product manufactured by the same company as the powder that was draining the life of my sweet Oliver. After only moments, my bond with Timmys human, Claudia, more »

I think of Timmy every day

Share This: By: Leslie Palleria Timmy was one of my first friends on Facebook shortly after joining. I remember reading his story and feeling so bad for him and all he had been through. I became involved in the T.O.Y. project after first discovering him. I always smiled at his daily posts, Singy songs and more »

Annemarie’s story

Share This: By: Annemarie Killeen Yesterday, I received an innocuous looking brown envelope in the post. Before I even opened it, the tears started streaming down my cheeks because I knew immediately what it contained – two of the most precious gifts I have ever received. They were two of Tiny Timmy’s stones! Yes, TWO! more »

The True Meaning of Timmy

Share This: I recently sent an essay in to The Tiny Timmy Ashes Project to tell my story of where I spread Timmy’s ashes and why I choose that place. I’ve now opted to elaborate on Timmy’s importance to me. I first started following Timmy on Facebook in 2010. He and his peep, Claudia, touched more »


Share This: By: Leslie Palleria I have many memories of Timmy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Something comes up daily that will remind me of something and of his life. I was never able to actually meet Timmy in person. I still felt as though I knew him and more »

The Newest Protector

Share This: By: Colleen Graves Timmy’s ashes were spread with Diablo my stone dragon. Diablo protects the neighborhood cats. He tells them there is food and shelter in the backyard. Timmy now keeps him company. I received 2 bars of dirty flea soap from my sister of the heart, Katie Wandall. She knows I foster more »

Climbing steps

Share This: I took Timmy on a cruise up the coast of Norway. Here I took his picture and we climbed a total of 429 steps. I know Timmy is now healed and he wanted to climb all the way to the top! The view was breathtaking!