Found a Stone

Did you find a Timmy’s Ash Stone?

Please tell us where (we LOVE photos!)


Tiny Timmy was a kitty who lived with neurological damage from exposure to toxic over-the-counter flea and tick products. Timmy was rescued in September of 2009, reportedly having a “muscle condition”. The truth was far more horrific. He was so weak, so disoriented and could not stand on his own.  Timmy was flea combed and bathed, and despite having been treated by the toxic Sergeant’s product, over 350 fleas were combed from his tiny body.  He was rushed to the vet, who took one look at him and asked about flea treatment. She said he showed classic symptoms of severe toxicosis from the toxic ingredients.

Slowly Tiny Timmy started to improve…then he began his Healing Journey, sharing his ups and downs, his triumphs and frustrations with his friends.  Other than napping, eating and playing, Timmy spent his time as a Spokeskitty against these over-the-counter products, educating pet parents and advocating alternatives, like his namesake creation Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap.  Timmy’s slogan was “Be the Wave” and he advocated that everyone is capable of creating a ripple, and together those ripples formed waves.

Tiny Timmy passed away on February 9, 2016 after a 67 day battle with an aggressive form of LGL Lymphoma.  Timmy was loved by and an inspiration for many who have shown an outpouring of love and who have honored Timmy’s life in their own ways.  He imparted an idea with his human Sherpa as they sat on the couch on his final day…a way for all of the hearts he touched globally to honor him and continue his mission.  Another way to create a wave.

On April 27, 2016 – National Tell a Story Day – over 200 of Timmy’s friends all over the world spread his ashes and placed his stones.  Timmy visited every continent on Earth and many dozens of countries.  His friends sent in stories about their experiences with Timmy, the places they laid him to rest, and themselves.  Every day we post a couple of those stories and they appear on this map.  Timmy is now a part of your life – you found his stone – and you looked here to see what it meant.  You are a ripple, part of his wave.

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