Timmy’s Ash Stone FOUND in Flagstaff, AZ

Timmy’s Ash Stone FOUND in Flagstaff, AZ & will be re-placed in Prescott, AZ!

Hello, I found this stone next to a cool cat statue at Lowell observatory in Flagstaff Arizona.

It has a painting of an arrow in the middle of a target and reads “Bulls Eye!”
Next week I will place this in the court house square in Prescott, Arizona.
Thanks, Nicholas

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  • SereneAmber Reply

    My boyfriend and I placed that stone in Timmy’s honor on 08/27/16. I had wanted to place another stone in Prescott, but ran out of stones to place. I was also hoping whoever found the stones I placed would replace them elsewhere after learning about Timmy so thank you on both counts! Safe travels!!! ☺

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