Timmy’s Ash Stone FOUND in Washington, DC

Timmy’s Ash Stone found at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC



We are driving from Kansas City to New York. We had a day in Washington DC on the way (yesterday, 31st July) and one of my twin toddler boys found the stone under a tree at Washington Memorial site.

I’ve attached a picture of it. What a lovely find, and such a good idea, thank you!

Rachel, Brendan, Gabriel and Francis (from the UK, living in KCMO, travelling to NY!)


  • Tamar Reply

    So cool! And love that they are from the UK!

  • The Dash Kitten Crew Reply

    Isn’t it great when someone finds a stone. The parents were touched to find it too – right?

    I will be smiling for hours now 🙂

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