Timmy in Daydream Plaza

By: Carly Jane Watts


12 That was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Very mentally draining but I was lead to a beautiful area and the name of the road that ended at the beach was called Daydream Plaza. Very secluded and posh. It took me over an hour to find the right location. What could be better than Daydream Plaza?!

So I was getting upset because I had driven everywhere because I hadn’t found my chosen location and ended up following a road…


That lead to a secluded carpark. I came across a man and his giant dog and told him what I was doing and he said just up the path is lovely…

The path lead to this…
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 I knew I had the right place. So I organised what I was leaving behind…
And then went into my music and pulled up Rhythm Of My Heart by Rod Stewart. So I stood there with vial in hand with the plug in so I could control how much of Timmy I was setting free at the point in time and waited for the first chorus The Rhythm Of My Heart Is Beating Like A Drum With The Words I Love You Rolling Off My Tongue Never Shall I Roam For I Know My Place Is Home Where The Ocean Meets The Sky I’ll Be Sailing. This is the view from this ash release…


So I stand there crying and telling Timmy that he can go home whilst the song is still playing. Then I moved across the platform and released a small amount so I had enough left for the special container that Mary Lou is going to make. This is the view from that area…


This was another view on the platform…


So I sat down and let Rod finish singing and said “Blessed Be. So Mote It Be. Please Be Free” and I gathered my belongings up and headed back down the path to the car…


I then drove to the street sign…


I made this little memorial for Timmy to put with all my other keepsakes. It’s got 2 stones that I made for me and the vial with a tiny amount of ashes. The vial will eventually go in a special wooden capsule that Mary Lou is making me.

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  • Claudia Reply

    I love this story, how you told it in photos, took so much care and love in crafting just the right stones and finding the right place. I love how you told all this in photos and words. Thank you so much for honoring our boy like this. He certainly chose his spot!

  • Carly Jane Reply

    Thank you for letting me be the sole caretaker for Timmy’s ashes in Western Australia. There was an enormous weight on my shoulders so I knew I had to make the occasion extremely special.

  • Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh Reply

    OMG this is beautiful!

    • Carly Reply

      Thank you. Reading this again has turned on the waterworks.

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