Seven Mile Beach

By: Wally Ambrose

Mum FINALLY took me to spread Timmy Lipenda‘s ashes & place his memorial stones..

I chose to place Timmy’s Ashes & Stones in 2 of my FAV places in Australia. Now whenever I holiday there I will think of Timmy..

I hope the peeps that find our Timmy Stones look up the website & learn all about Timmy & how amazing he was! My wish is that they continue to spread the word as I will, just as Timmy wanted.. I miss you my friend ❤️

I am so sorry it took us so long to get organised, Mum is not so well trained..

The first place is the Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa. About an hour and a half south of Sydney. This holds a huge place in our hearts, Nanna has been holidaying there since she was a girl and the tradition was passed on to Mum & her sisters who have been going there since they were in nappies.. Aunty Cherie got married in the exact spot we left our Timmy Stone & spread some of his ashes, Mum was one of her bridesmaids.



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