Carol Halbert’s Memorial to Timmy Stones // and // Timmy’s Ashes

By: Carol Halbert


Timmy’s new life began the moment he was taken from the ‘Bad Place’ and Claudia became his Mommeh. Friends were just clamoring to join him on his Healing Journey!!! Thousands of peeps knew about our boy … peeps from all over the World!!! He received nice soft Milty Blankies with his initials on them…that was when he bared his beautiful li’l multi-colored toesies to us. I still think about his li’l multi-colored toesies and how happy he was to share them with us. Peeps from everywhere were giving Timmy pressies and making him soooo happies. He never knew what happiness was until he met his Mommeh! Close friends and peeps with a few buckleys helped get him therapy treatments and even acupuncture (which he fondly called ‘acupooky’ and I suppose I will always call them acupooky as well. Timmy had a way about him…he was soooo smart and such an
intelligent kitteh. On his first year, he summed everything up as YEAR ONE IN NUTSHELL: ‘Rescued, healing, less tremors, less wobbly, cans leap, cans climb, cans noweat various noms stead o’ just sums, grows to 11 pounds (maybes mores by nows), duns not need mai bumper box no mores, lived to tells da tail… I talks to mai tail sumptimes…’

This was the sickly and very thin little boy who had
grown into adult hood and it was decided from that point his name would be Timmy Lipenda … ‘cause he
certainly was not a tiny kitteh anymore!!! He grew BIG
and HANDSOME Cat Man and surprised everyone with his ability to run and climb and even jump to the top of his cat tree, which no doctor ever thought he would be able to do!! Timmy was a gentleman all the way…he shared his toys with others. A kitteh cat named Jersey turned up one day and I suppose the issue was what action to take on this lovely lady. Timmy said, ‘Dear Peeps, Just to reminds yous how very close Jersey and I is, I has posted dis pic of mes and hers in mai fort dat Alladin Boo Turek gaves mes. Notice It’s ME and JERSEY…Not Timmy and any oder kitties… *ahem*’ Just after that, Jersey was a member of the family and everyone accepted her and loved her very much.

When the well known musical, CATS, came to town,
Timmy excitedly showed off a piccie of him in RumTum Tugger’s costume. Timmy’s question was: “Has yous seen mes in mai debut of da role of Rum Tum Tugger frum da moosical Cats? (And why is its sum of mai friends disappears whens I wanna tags ems?) So funny. I, personally, saw CATS three times and once was down on the front row and close up, those CATS didn’t have very much hair on their bodies!!! Timmy became famous all over the world…whether it was because he had attained another milestone on his ability to run and jump to the tippy top of his cat tree or even when he had his poo problems. When things were successful in that area, he had a special T-Shirt that said, in BIG letters, ‘I POOD’ when he did!!! But things got worked out in the Poo Factory and all was well in that adventure.

Timmy even formulated a natural, organic, absolutely
non-toxic flea and tick soap and shampoo for kittehs and goggies. It also had a nice smell to it and the animals seemed to enjoy being bathed in it. There was nothing in there that was going to hurt your baby, ever. Timmy organized trips to Washington, DC to promote his product, but mainly to inform the uninformed of the dangers (and even death) of the over the counter flea and tick products.

All was well for quite a time…Timster grew larger,
looked soooo healthy and, of course, was his usual
HANDSUMZ self!!! But all of a sudden, all this
wonderfulness took a turn for the worst. Our very one
and only Timmy Lipenda was diagnosed with an
incredibly aggressive form of lymphoma. Claudia Tieze, Timmy’s Mommeh, had one of the most other incredible story to tell with regard to her. ‘Timmy
came into my life and gave me a wonderful gift. Of
course he changed my life in so many ways, including
inspiring Dirty Flea Soap and becoming an advocate for safer flea & tick treatments vs. traditional pesticides that harm so many of our pets & children. This gift came behind the scenes and is incredibly special. When I first rescued Timmy (you can read about his story in the About section on this page or view the photo album with photos). I was, unknowingly, just beginning my own health journey.
Within a year I was much sicker and staring down at my own bleak prognosis. There were days I wondered if it was worth continuing. Meanwhile, Timmy ontinued to break the limits us humans imposed on him by putting him into the “diagnosis box”. He was accomplishing so much that he was never expected to be able to do. I would be laying in bed feeling right sorry for myself and then I would see him watching the other cats do something he wanted to do. When he decides something, he is relentless. He would watch how it was done, sometimes for days. Once he thought he figured it out, he would try it. If it didn’t work, he would take a step back, readjust and try again and again and again until one day he did it.

He did this triumph after triumph after triumph. What
right did I have to feel limited by my diagnosis? Timmy
didn’t let what someone else said stop him so why should I? And this, my friends, is how Timmy saved my life without even knowing it. He gave me this wonderful gift to push a little harder and try just one more thing simply by being himself and honoring his own spirit. Now it’s my turn to honor his spirit and not hold him back from triumph after triumph if that is what he chooses, simply by being himself and honoring his own.’

‘Through Timmy I have met some of the most amazing
humans in my life. I have been touched repeatedly at the capacity for love, kindness, community, generosity,
creativity and passion all of you show to Timmy and to
each other. I am truly humbled. ‘I want to spend the rest of this note thanking everyone, so get ready. I hope I haven’t mistyped a name or left anyone out. A fundraiser isn’t all about who can afford to contribute funds or items. It’s also about community and sharing. There were several people who couldn’t contribute who still participated by chiming in, visiting and making things fun and light. There are still more who contributed before this fundraiser who I have yet to individually thank (I’m working on it!) and the thousands around the globe who have been sending
Timmy positive energy and praying, meditating, hoping, wishing for his healing. Since I am a mere mortal, I can’t thank them all individually, but each and every one is precious.’

Tiny Timmy Lipenda passed away on February 9, 2016
after a 67 day battle with an aggressive form of LGL
Lymphoma; and on April 27, 2016, tons of his friends …
peeps, goggies, kittehs, from almost EVERY part of the
World will place Timmy Stones in a forever place and
Timmy Ashes will be set free, and he will travel through the air with the speed of the wind and the love of all of us who miss him soooo very much every day. The entire United States of America and almost every Continent and Country in the World will be
memorializing this tribute to our loving Timmy. May his
soul Rest In Peace, knowing just how much one kitteh
meant to the entire World!!! God Bless. No, there will
never be another Timmy Lipenda. Like theold saying
goes … When God In Heaven created Timmy Lipenda,
he threw away the mould.

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