Placing my ash stones on Moel Famau, North Wales, UK

By: Jacky Garnett

My brother got me onto Facebook in 2009/2010, but I didn’t do much on it – just looked at friends photos, read their news etc – I still don’t write a lot on Facebook now!

Then, in June 2010, I read about a blind dog called Myron Wood in Australia in our newspapers – his story touched me so I decided to look him up and sent a friend request. It’s from there that I found out about Tiny Timmy and we became friends too. I read his amazing story and how Claudia was looking after him and raising awareness on the dangers of flea treatment in cats/kittens – promoting his life to hopefully stop others having to go through what Timmy did. I love his posts – nomasday and singy songs video clips and photos of him – just beautiful. I didn’t really post on the page just liked a few posts but read everything (I don’t post much on Facebook anyway).

My passion in life is cats so quite a lot of my Facebook friends are cats too – others with disabilities too – although most of them don’t know and lead a full life anyway – that’s what amazes me.

After I told Claudia I was in Wales and would be very honoured to place Timmy stones on 27 April for Timmy I started thinking about where I could place them. I didn’t want it to be too far away as I wanted it to be somewhere I could visit again easily and I also wanted it to be somewhere that meant something to me. Then, driving to work one day, I saw Moel Famau in the distance and thought “that’s a perfect place”. It’s a place I remember going as a family – me and my dad walked to the Jubilee Tower at the top while my mum and little brother just walked part way as I think he was only 2 or 3. It holds a lot of fond memories and I’ve walked to the top many times since with various people and for different occasions

As soon as I found out I had been honoured with placing Timmy stones in Wales I booked the 27th April off work. I also asked my cousin Cathy if she would like to come with me, which she said yes to straight away – and also booked a day off.

A couple of weeks before the day I received my stones in the post from Jane Cunio – we also did a few of our own stones too.

On the morning of the 27th I woke early as the weather hadn’t been too good all that week, but whatever the weather we were going up Moel Famau – that decision had already been made! We were prepared with walking boots, warm clothes, hat, scarf, gloves etc

Everywhere was white outside as it had snowed overnight and left a covering. I met Cathy and her springer spaniel puppy, Jessie, in nearby Mold and we had a quick breakfast in McDonalds to prepare us for the walk. We then drove to the car park at Moel Famau.

As we were driving there (about 10 minutes from Mold) it was snowing quite a bit. We arrived at the car park just after 9am and started our walk to the top. You could not see much in front of you with the snow coming down and it was very cold and very misty/foggy – no views at all and definitely no sight of the jubilee tower on the top!!! We could see our breath too – it was that cold! I think we only saw one other person – which is also unusual as it’s a very popular walking place, but obviously not in this weather!

We soon got warm walking uphill and it took us about three quarters of an hour to get to Jubilee Tower

I had eight stones to place as we had made six to go with the two received in the post from Jane. I was hoping people would find them and log onto to find out all about the relevance of them and read about Timmy’s amazing life

Cathy was taking photos of me with them as I placed them on the walls of the Jubilee Tower, under a stile, etc

We seemed to arrive at the summit quicker than normal although it took us roughly the same time as normal to walk up, but as we couldn’t see the top we didn’t realise how far we had walked.

The Jubilee Tower foundation stone was laid on 25 October 1810 on the top of Moel Famau to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of George III’s reign. Designed by Thomas Harrison of Chester, it was to be an Egyptian styled obelisk, built in three stages. The tower was never completed however and in 1862 a strong storm blew it down. It was partially removed to make it safe and what you see today are the sturdy remains of the tower.

Moel Famau is 554m high – there’s not much of the actual tower left now but it’s a popular place for walkers and on a clear day you get amazing views

Much of Wales and North West England can be seen from the summit of Moel Famau – parts of Denbighshire, Flintshire, Cheshire and Merseyside. On clear days, Snowdonia can be seen to the west, the Irish Sea to the north, and to the east Liverpool, Chester and Blackpool Tower.

It has been classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty since 1985.

As we got to the top and were standing on the Jubilee Tower getting our breath back (the last bit is a little steep!) the snow stopped coming down and the sun started to break through the mist/fog. I am so sure that was Timmy with us – it was a wonderful feeling on a very emotional day

As I placed my stones I thought of Timmy and his amazing life with Claudia and all his lovely followers. She never gave up on him, gave him so much love and happiness in his life and also shared his story so other animals hopefully don’t have to go through what Timmy experienced. His life may have been a struggle at times, but just seeing his photos and that gorgeous noms face on Facebook would make anyone’s day better! I always looked forward to his multi coloured toesies, and singy songs too!!

Later that evening Cathy and I went to my walking group – we walk on Halkyn Mountain every Wednesday night, weather permitting, from late March to late September. From Halkyn Mountain Moel Famau can be seen, so he was in our thoughts all day.

I see Moel Famau most days of the week while driving to work etc. The bit that is left of the Jubilee Tower at the top makes it very easy to pick out on the landscape. When I see it I actually get a tingly/butterflies feeling. It brings back lots of memories of happy times walking up there with family and friends past and present and for different events that have been celebrated up there – obviously the most recent being celebrating Timmy’s life – his love of life, his and Claudia’s positive attitude and outlook and to not let it hold him back and basically to tell the world about flea treatments that damage our precious pets. People just think they are doing the correct thing using them to treat their pets, but as we (Timmy’s friends) all now know, this is not true. Timmy is an inspiration to us all and today (28 June 2016) I have been friends with Timmy for 6 years!!

Jubilee Tower, Moel Famau co-ordinates 53° 9′ 16.2″ N, 3° 15′ 21.24″ W

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#love you Timmy

Jubilee Tower
Moel Famau1

My view of Moel Famau as I drive to work every day
Moel Famau3

Me on the top when the mist lifted holding the Timmy Stones
Moel Famau4

Timmy Stone in the wall of the Jubilee Tower
Moel Famau5

Trig Point with Timmy Stone placed in the hole!
Moel Famau6

Me and Jessie on Moel Famau
Jacky and Jessie

Me & Cathy
Jacky & CathyJubilee tower plaqueJubilee tower plaque