Timmy & Angel

By: Andrea Glick

Finding a place to start about how I met Tiny Timmy is very hard! To be honest, I can’t really remember how I met him, it’s been so long. My theory is that I met him through my auction to save Angel, (Saving Angel on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheCatAngel). The page is now dedicated to helping other animals in need, but it *started* as a fundraising page so I could rescue my own kitty, Angel, from the New York City Animal Care and Control. It is a good story! Let me tell you about it…

So I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day (I have LOTS of friends in animal rescue), and Angel popped up in my feed. She was in NYCAC&C… and she was PERFECT. I burst into tears when I saw her, and knew that she couldn’t die that day… she was about five hours away from being put to sleep, (euthanized), and I just KNEW that she had to be MY cat. So I frantically, (yes, very frantic!), started calling around to fosters in New York!!! Anjellicle Rescue came to my aid at 3am (Eastern Time), and Angel was pulled (rescued) from the NYAC&C. YAY!

The story doesn’t end there, though!!!

Now I had to find the means and a WAY to get to New York to rescue Angel. I couldn’t let her be a foster forever.

This is where my dear rescue friends (and many people I didn’t know!!), came to my aid. We had a HUGE fundraiser to help me get to New York (I live in Wisconsin). Anjellicle Rescue did NOT want Angel to fly cargo, so that meant I had to go to her. (Don’t blame them, that is harrowing!) (I should also note that since we pulled Angel, Anjellicle Rescue won’t allow out-of-state adoptions anymore. There ARE plenty of other rescues that do, though).

I believe this is where Tiny Timmy came in to my life. I believe he helped with the auction. *mad love & props*

My (at the time) boyfriend’s mother also helped by booking the flights and hotel!!! *mad love & props* She didn’t want me going alone to New York on the rescue mission, so she decided to come with!

We got to visit New York, I got to know Angel gradually over the course of a few days, and then… we all FLEW HOME. WOO! Funny story time- Angel was very nervous on the plane, and made quite a stink, (LITERALLY, not figuratively), on the plane home. Those poor passengers!!! And poor Angel. But we made it!

She got formally introduced to my cats six weeks after I brought her home. (She had her own room while she adjusted!) The cats all got to sniff under the door, and of course she was supervised when she was finally “set free.”

I am very thankful that we never, *knocks on wood*, have had fleas since I got Angel, but if we did, I highly recommend Tiny Timmy’s Flea Soap. He taught me so much about fleas, and how to treat for them. And to never, EVER, use over the counter flea medication. That stuff is highly toxic!!!

I remember on my journey with Tiny Timmy that he had a neurological disorder caused by over the counter flea medication. Have I mentioned that that stuff is bad news yet? Bad bad bad. Over the course of many treatments, and a lot of tender loving care from Claudia, Tiny Timmy wasn’t “fixed” but *was* a lot better. A LOT of TLC. *mad love* I learned so much from Tiny Timmy, and will never forget him. He is a hero in my eyes, not only for helping me rescue Angel but for being such a good teacher.

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