Timmy and CK: Precious Lives Connected

By: Clara Elton Sharp

This adorable little duck found its way to Georgia Vet Rehab, in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Evelyn Orenbuch, the owner and chief vet, and her amazing staff, made miraculous changes in my little CK’s life, extending the length of time, and giving him immeasurable quality of life.
I first found out about Timmy when CK had a reaction to one of the OTC flea prevention drops, several years ago. When he became anxious, panting excessively, and generally not looking good, I went on Facebook to get advice, as I have many animal loving friends. I took him to the ER and had him treated, then I ran across Timmy’s story, and reached out, and we became really good friends.

Thankfully, sweet CK recovered from his reaction quickly, with no complications. But I stayed in close contact with Timmy as I was fascinated by his story, and the diligence with which his peeps attempted to get these products regulated, and with any hope, eventually removed from the shelves.

Both have larger-than-life personalities, are independent, and have to approve anything done related to them.

CK was a therapy pet, confident and pleasant, who visited hospice patients and nursing homes with me all his life, bringing joy to those he met and offering a little light to those who most needed it.

Both Timmy and CK received rehab from the best doctors available, spreading their joy for life to those they met and those who helped them heal. Both were loved by all who knew them and both were grateful for all the admiration they got from those whose lives they touched.

Timmy crossed the Bridge exactly one week before CK, though at a much younger age and far too soon.
CK enjoyed 19 wonderful years of love, even though his vision was somewhat limited and his back legs were weak, it didn’t stop him from showing his expertise in most areas of life.

I have no doubt they met immediately across the Bridge. They are probably still talking about what wonderful lives they had here, with so much love they couldn’t keep it to themselves. And they are still spreading that love from Beyond the Bridge.

The Stone is placed on the reception desk, next to the memorial statue of one of the clinic’s former patients. He is standing guard, with the stone at his front paw.
It provides the clinic staff with opportunities to educate their clients about the dangers of so many flea prevention products, and offers comfort to anyone who might need it.FullSizeRender01d64d953c2a1da047747af5f15ee2a99ea06888afFullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2