Timmy’s Butterfly Kisses

By: Lisa Marlene Hughes

20160427_192711Today, I did something very very very Special! I placed a Beautiful, Butterfly, Timmy Stone at the Henry Ford Estate, in Dearborn, Michigan as part of the Timmy’s Ashes Project. As many of us in the Kitty Community know, Timmy was an extra Special kitty that suffered from Neurological Disorders due to over the counter flea and tick medication. He was rescued by his *Peep* Claudia, from “the Bad place” as she calls it and that is where his story truly began …

I became friends with Timmy in February of 2010 and he was my very first Kitty friend on FaceBook! He was the cutest little guy – gray and white with the Sweetest little kitty face, freckled nose and multi-colored toesies! He brought so many friends together through his pictures and stories and many accomplishments. He fought so hard to be in this world and he lived each and every moment with so much Love, Joy, Sweetness, and Goodness as only a kitty can! Of course, he loved his family too and all of his friends and of course his NOMS! Sadly, he was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma on December 4, 2015 which seemed to be an Incredibly cruel fate on top of his neurological battles. He was given 17 days to live but he fought hard and with Special treatment and Care from Dr. Keith and his family, he lived for 67 days after his diagnosis. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting Timmy in person, I felt like he was part mine (like so many other of his dear friends I’m sure) and I cried an Ocean of tears when he passed from this world into the next. I think he was needed on the Other Side and I pray that Someday in the distant future I will see him and cross the RainBow Bridge with him and my precious, Sweetie Lynn and all of the other precious fur babies that I love so very much.

Since Timmy has passed on, I have seen the number 67 everywhere. In fact, the day I placed his Beautiful, Butterfly Stone in one of the lovely flower gardens at the Estate of Henry and Clara Ford, (made and sent to me by his Kind friend, Diane from Beaver Island, Michigan) the temperature in my home was 67 Degrees and as I turned off onto a favorite road of mine that I hadn’t been on in years, I noticed that my mileage was 4,016.7 exactly …

After Timmy left us, I was Incredibly Sad and my first true moment of peace and ray of happiness was on his Big Day ~ April 27, 2016. It was a Beautiful day with sunshine, blue skies and a nice, cool breeze. It took me until the wee hours of the morning to decide on his Special place for his Timmy Ashes Stone. I had several ideas for a Beautiful place but they were all too far away and I wanted to place his stone at 6 p.m. my time as his Dear Peep, Claudia had asked. I Believe in Signs and I read something that Claudia had written about how Timmy would guide us and at 1:21 a.m. that day I read another post that Claudia had written about how much Timmy enjoyed car rides and I thought the Henry Ford Estate (also known as Fair Lane) would be perfect. It’s a Beautiful, historical place and it tied in with a man who changed the world, just like the one and only Timmy! My Husband recommended it prior too and as usual, he was right, lol! It’s also on Evergreen Road and it made me think how it’s forever green where Timmy Is – in a Beautiful place full of sunshine, flowers, green trees that touch the sky and all of our precious loved ones that have gone on before us and lets not forget an endless supply of noms and lots of geese and chesters to play with.

On that very Special day, I placed Timmy’s Stone in several locations to take pictures but I settled on a Gorgeous daffodil & yellow, tulip flower garden in front of the Estate. It was incredibly bright and cheery and I imagine there will be lots of foot traffic too. I also met a lovely new friend named, Clarissa that allowed me to stay past their visiting hours to take pictures. I also saw one of my favorite little places on the property, the little white farmhouse that Timmy would have loved so very much. It was originally constructed for the 1924 Michigan State Fair to educate children from urban areas about life on a farm. After the fair, the miniature farmhouse was brought to the Estate for the enjoyment of the Ford grandchildren ~ Henry II, Benson, Josephine and William Clay. The farmhouse was moved to Greenfield Village in 1938 and returned to Fair Lane in 1983.

The Henry Ford Estate is very Special to me too because I had a picnic there many years ago (near a little dam) and I also attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn which now runs the Estate too. It was (and still is) under a bit of construction so I wasn’t able to visit the little dam but I felt this was appropriate in that all of us are in need of repairs now and again and I think Timmy would have laughed at the thought. We all have obstacles in life but that is exactly what makes us stronger and builds our character. I remember when Claudia wrote about Timmy achieving one of his goals, just like the other kitties in his household ~ climbing to the top of his Kitty tree! He was so incredibly proud of himself and now I Believe he is at the top of the most Beautiful kitty tree of all ~ at the throne of God and His Angels. They say that Kitties are just Angels with fur and I know that Timmy was an Angel on Earth and now in Heaven. Even though my Dream of meeting him never came true and he left us much too soon – at the tender age of 6 years old – he conquered many feats and he brought a world of friends together – from every corner of the earth! And his Story, thanks to the creative genius of his Dear Peep and Caretaker, Claudia will be told to many with the Timmy Ashes Project. One day, I hope that those awful products will be removed from the shelves for good and that no other kitty or doggy will suffer the ill effects like Timmy and his Sweet friend, Oscar and so many other precious fur babies! Perhaps that is why God called Our Dear Timmy home, because maybe, just maybe he could do more of his “Good Works” from the other side!

Thank You So Very Much for your Special friendship, Timmy! I loved you like my own kitties ~ I always have and I always will. Until we meet on the Other Side *Sweet* Boy you will Be forever loved! Big Hugggs, Purrrs, Kisses and Oceans of Love to you my *Precious* Nephew from Your Auntie Lisa, Uncle Dale, Alissa Rose, Pandora Mai Lynn Amethyst Timothy Rose (Pandy Paws) and *Angel* Sweetie Lynn!

“Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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