Tiny Timmy lived what he believed

By: Kathleen Lechner

I chose to place the “Timmy was here” stone at my Aunt Jean’s grave at St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery in Pascagoula, Mississippi (in the Gulf Coast/”The Deep South”).

The cemetery is beautifully maintained, and it’s not unusual to see rabbits hopping all about the grounds! A river runs along the length of it and majestic oaks, draped in shawls of Spanish moss, have lovely Magnolia trees as their neighbors. Vines of honeysuckle, jasmine, and morning glory cover the fence surrounding the cemetery.

There are graves dating back to the 1800s, and it’s not unusual to come across grave markers made by hand. Sadly, the majority of these are the heralds of infants and young children from the Civil War Ear through the 1940s.

The cemetery is in the center of a beautiful quaint neighborhood – a community of Christianity and love in action. People mowing neighbor’s lawns, giving them rides if needed. Waves from the front porch are standard. “Yes Ma’ams” or “No Sirs” spoken without a second thought.

Tiny Timmy created his own community based on his mission and was loved universally. His mission to inform humans of the dangers of man-made flea products brought about awareness as well as action to lessen the perils placed on our pets.

Not only was Tiny Timmy a survivor, not only was he a warrior fighting to ensure the safety of anti-flea products, he was – and thus shall always be – a true American Hero.

Despite the death of his best furriend, and the ravages upon his own little body, Timmy pressed on. Timmy celebrated life, laughter and love.

Tiny Timmy and his precious Mama always thought of others, sending my “Mi Hija” (my daughter) Victoria and awesome package including a Harry Potter Movie and various other wrapped items to be opened on hard/sad days.

Victoria has always loved Timmy. Needless to say, both Timmy and his package touched her deeply. He brought joy to my girl, and his death brought tears to her heart.

My aunt Jean loved all of God’s creatures. We believe both Timmy and Aunt Jean did their part to help bring heaven to earth. They lived what they believed.
These are the reasons we chose this site for the placement of Timmy’s Stone. Victoria is keeping the second stone.

All of heaven stood and applauded when Aunt Jean carried Timmy before the lord.

& Vaya Con Dios Master Timmy. Un Gran Gato. Un Gran Angel & Salute
~ Imzadi Kathleen Lechner and Victoria Findley.