I think of Timmy every day

By: Leslie Palleria

Timmy was one of my first friends on Facebook shortly after joining. I remember reading his story and feeling so bad for him and all he had been through. I became involved in the T.O.Y. project after first discovering him. I always smiled at his daily posts, Singy songs and photos. I loved hearing about everything he had done and accompllished. I came to admire how he set his mind to things and accomplished them. He never dwelled on himself or limitations. He always put others first.
I think daily about his timmyesse and he handsome face. He could always make me smile. He was always thinking of his friends and those who love him. He taught me about friendship, love, and how to make a wave from a small stone. I think of him daily especially when I see a snail, a tiger, or cat toys. I feel honored and blessed to have known and to love him.,I love you, Timmy, Love miss Leslie.13725090_10206692605529573_7810575293404982414_o